One day Package

Ayush Homam

16 Kalasa Prethishtai

2 priest/iyer

Package - 01

16 Kalasa Prethishtai

2 priest/iyer

Package - 02

32 Kalasa Prethishtai

4 priest/iyer

Special Melam

Package - 03

64 Kalasa Prethishtai

4 priest/iyer

Special Melam

Two day Package

Package - 04

16 Kalasa Prethishtai

3 priest/iyer

Package - 05

32 Kalasa Prethishtai

4 priest/iyer

Special Melam

Package - 06

64 Kalasa Prethishtai

4 priest/iyer

Special Melam

Package - 07

64 Kalasa Prethishtai

11 priest/iyer

Special Melam

தாங்கள் வரும்போது கொண்டு வர வேண்டியவை


  • தம்பதிகளுக்கு முகூர்த்த புடவை & வேஷ்டி

  • திருமாங்கல்யம்

  • தானமாக விட வேண்டிய புடவை மற்றும் வேஷ்டி, துண்டு ( காலையில தம்பதிகள் அனிந்து  வருவது )

  • முகூர்த்த மாலை - 2

  • மாத்து மாலை - 2

  • உதிரிப் பூ

  • தேங்காய் - 7 (மஞ்சள் பூசியது)

  • சந்தனம் மற்றும் கிண்ணம்

  • சர்க்கரை, கல்கண்டு மற்றும் சாக்லேட்

  • வெற்றிலை பாக்கு

  • சீர்வரிசைக்கு உள்ள தட்டு -7 மற்றும் அதற்கான பழங்கள்

Following things have to bring by the Couples

  • New Muhurtha Dhothi and Saree for Couples

  • saree and dhothi for dhana ( what couples wearing on morning )

  • Thirumaangalyam

  • Muhurtha Malai – 2 Nos.

  • Matru Malai – 2 Nos.

  • Uthiri Pushpam

  • Turmeric powder

  • Kumkuma

  • Yellow dipped Coconuts – 7

  • 7 types of Fruits (Apple, Orange, Sathukudi, Etc. )

  • Betel Leaves and Betel Nuts

  • Sandalwood powder with Bowl

  • Chocolates

Manalmedu Markandeya Temple

This place located in Tharangambadi taluk and it's near thirukadaiyur it'll take 3 minutes travel from thirukadaiyur to Manalmedu. Manalmedu is more specialized for Markandeya this temple will give Long Life. this temple next wish temple who visited thirukadaiyur temple

manalmedu markandeya temple


Historical Importance of Sri Markandeyar


Sri Markandeyar has his own shrine near Thirukadaiyur. It is purely a saivatic temple. This shrine situated 0.5 Km south west of Thirukadaiyur in a small village known as Thiru Manalmedu. Here his parents prayed with devotion and dedication and performed a special pooja to Lord Siva, for getting a male child and the Lord offered the same. In that temple Sri Markandeyar worshiped Lord Siva and performed special Poojas in order to attain immortality. Lord Shiva bestowed him immortality with ever sixteen ages. (It is aptly said that legend has it that Lord Siva prevailed over Yaksha known as Yama, the God of death, to save Markandeyar’s life and bestowed him immortality with ever sixteen ages). In this thirukadaiyur temple he sits in alter opposite to the Lord Shiva (as a Moolavar) and blesses the devotees a long prosperous life. Thus the shrine has its own importance. It is noted that Markandeyar, becomes a truthful votary of Lord Shiva.

Those who have come with , wish to get the blessing of Lord Amirthakadeshwarar and Lordess Abhirami for their prosperous life at Thirukadaiyur must also visit this Markandeyar's Temple for a full prosperous life and for the welfare of their family.

Why this temple famous


Here every year the priests perform an important Pooja during (Meena masam) in the last month of the Tamil year in Panguni on Ashuvathi Star day, it is stated that Lord Siva has brought a pot full of holy Ganga water to his truthful votary Sri.Markandaya to purify him. He attains chastity and purity on that day onwards. The visitors who want to perform Poojas to the deities they should also perform special Homams such as Thirukkalyanam to the deities and will get the blessings from the deities. It is also believed those who perform this Thirukkalyanam to the deities for the sake of their unmarried daughter, she will get married sooner.

There is also a special Pooja performed here called Panchakshara Homam. It is meant for the welfare of the family. Those who perform Shanka Abhishekam to the deities would get a disease free life.

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Temple Pooja


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